Needs List

By | December 22, 2015

The Homestead needs your help to obtain the following:

  • Industrial Washing Machine for Intake Shelter
  • Two metal stationary cupboards for Children’s Home Arts and Crafts room     IMG_1539
  • Metal Shelving for Clothing Store
  • Arts and Crafts equipment and workbench
  • Medical Equipment for Sick Bays
  • Safe for Sick Bay
  • Underwear for Boys aged 7 to 17
  • Socks for boys aged 7 to 17
  • School clothes for boys and girls
  • School shoes for boys and girls
  • School Bags
  • Mr Price vouchers for clothes
  • Sugar and dry groceries
  • Toiletries including soap, deodorant, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, face clothes
  • Water tanks for Irrigation – Children’s Home 

If you can help all want other ideas of how you can help please speak to Annie :  or tel 27 21 4199763