Homestead NGO, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2011Photos taken by Frank Rohrig

Homestead NGO, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2011 Photos taken by Frank Rohrig

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Come see for yourself  a successful, professional, high impact organisation helping  hundreds of children to rebuild their shattered lives through the generosity of people just  like you.

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The Homestead (Projects for Street Children)
PO Box 21538
Kloof Street
South Africa
Tel. (021) 419 9763
Fax.(021) 419 2600


The Homestead Head Office and Street Relief Centre:   150 Strand Street, Cape Town  (Tel: 27 21 4199763/4)

The Homestead Intake Shelter:  Chapel Street Woodstock  (Tel: 27 21 4617470)

The Homestead Child and Youth Care Center Khayelitsha:    Dyani Crescent, D Section, Khayelitsha (Tel: Land lines no longer work only celluar in Khayelitsha, 0796073202)

The Homestead Early intervention and Prevention Centre Kahyelista:   Dyani Crescent, D Section, Khayelitsha    (Tel: 0796073202)

The Homestead Manenberberg Drop in Centre:   16 Scheldt Road, Manenberg  (Tel: 27 21 3613468)

The Homestead Site C Khayelitsha Drop in Centre: Community Hall, Idada Street, Ikwezi Park, Site C, Khayelitsha    (Tel: 0796073202)

The Homestead Valhalla Park Drop in Centre:  PK Harvest Time Ministries Church Hall, 169 Angela Street,  Valhalla Park   (Tel: 0796073202)

The HomesteadAfter School Project:   Isikhokelo Primary, Idada Street, Site C, Khayelitsha.  (Tel: 0796073202)

The Homestead Job Creation Project:  150 Strand Street, Cape Town  (Tel: 27 21 4199763/4)