Help Identify Street Children

Homestead NGO, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2011Photos taken by Frank Rohrig

The Homestead needs your help to identify children living, begging or working on the streets of Cape Town. This will help us to have a better idea of where our services are needed, ensure that all children on the streets of Cape Town are not ignored but get the help they deserve, and help the Homestead to improve its services to children on the street. The Homestead outreach workers currently cover central Cape Town, Woodstock to OBS, Camps Bay to Sea-point, Manenberg, Valhalla Park and Khayelitsha, but you can still report children in other areas of Cape Town as we will endeavor to pass this information on to statutory services or to other organisations who might work be working in that area. Please note that a street child means a child aged between 7 and 17 (if they are younger than that or begging with their parents please report them for immediate removal to the SAPS, the Homestead does not work directly with Homeless adults).


Please send us the following information via email to {}

  •   Your name and email address
  • The gender of the child
  • The approximate age and a description of the child/children
  • Any personal details you might have of them, their name, where they are from, etc.
  • The condition and activity of the child.    Are they for instance dirty and in a poor state,  are they using substances, aggressive, controlled by an older youth or adult, are they begging for selling , do they seem to be in crises.
  • Where and when did you spot this child/children:    
  • Do you see them regularly or just occasionally:
  • Have you reported them to anyone before:
    • To whom
    • When

All children living, working and begging on the street are, according to the Children’s act, children in need of care and protection and must be  reported to your local police station or to your local Provincial Government Department of Social Development office.


Thank you so much for caring, for helping to make a difference.