Needs List

 The Homestead needs your help to obtain the following:

  • General:
    • Industrial Washing Machine for Intake Shelter
    • Two metal stationary cupboards for Children’s Home Arts and Crafts room     IMG_1539
    • Metal Shelving for Clothing Store
    • Arts and Crafts equipment and workbench
    • Medical Equipment for Sick Bays
    • Safe for Sick Bay
  • Clothes:  The Homestead has up to 90 boys in residential care and helps another 350 boys and girls in communities of origin:
    • Underwear for Boys aged 7 to 17 (ongoing)
    • Socks for boys aged 7 to 17 (ongoing)
    • School clothes for boys and girls (ongoing)
    • School shoes for boys and girls (ongoing)
    • School Bags (We need about 150 school bags a year)
    • Mr Price/Ackermans/PicknPay/Game/Makro vouchers for clothes
  • Dry groceries  (ongoing and monthly) including Amasi (2lt), Baked beans, Beans (dry), Beefstock, Bisto, Black Pepper, Masala, BBQ spice, Chicken spice, Cinnamon sticks, Cocoa powder, Coffee (Ricoffy), Cooldrink OROS, Custard Powder, sunflower oil, Imana, Jam, Jelly, Lentils, Macoroni, Mayonnaise. Mealiemeal., longlife milk, Oats, Peanut Butter (not with sunflower oil in), Rice, Salt, Samp, Spagetti, Sugar, Tea, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, White bread flour, Tin tomato & onion, Tomato sauce, Chutney, Yeast
  • Toiletries including soap, deodorant, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, face clothes (90 boys in residential care go though a lot of toiletries)
  • Water tanks for Irrigation – Children’s Home
  • Part Time employment opportunities for our very settled boys who are doing well at school and heading towards the time they need to move out into the world on their own.
  • Music: A few of the senior boys are into music, sound recording and writing their own songs.  We are therefore planning to set a program up around music (writing, recording, performing, playing instruments etc.) The boys asked if we can buy  a system to help them learn to record sound etc – R4500.  They are also looking for music instruments and volunteers to help.
  • Some of our Child Care Workers are very keen on using their art and  creativity talents … we therefore need funds for art projects and materials.
  • Rewards System: We are setting up credit system where boys can earn credits and then exchange it for ‘goods’, i.e. a new pair of All-star shoes etc. They will have to save up their credits until they have enough for the ‘item’. We therefore need any nice items teenage boys will like, i.e. new clothes, new shoes, second-hand computers or cell phone, ipad/tablet, mp3 players, earphones,  airtime for phones etc. etc.
  • Cycling:   Our senior boys need bicycles and equipment so they can start doing serious mountain-biking in the afternoons or weekends.
  • Hiking: We are starting a ‘hiking-club’ to do all the different routes around table mountain and Lionshead. The boys however need strong Hiking shoes and volunteers.
  • Homework Volunteers (District 6 centre) We need volunteers to assist with homework Mondays-Fridays from 6-7pm. Boys are in college and some in higher grades. Others struggle with basic reading and basic maths. We don’t need qualified teachers just people who are willing to give 1 hour a week to maybe sit with a child to read or help with research on the internet for an assignment.
  •  Work Readiness: We need help with our work readiness so if anyone is willing to let a boy (who successfully completed our Homestead work readiness program) to job shadow them in the school holidays, do an Internship at their company or let a boy work at their company or business over weekends or holiday’
  • Admin support..the Homestead Director is looking for a volunteer to help with data entry into Salesforce (training will be provided but should know computers and touch type).

If you can help all want other ideas of how you can help please speak to Annie :  or tel 27 21 4199763