Needs List

 The Homestead needs your help to obtain the following:

If you can help all want other ideas of how you can help please speak to Annie :  or tel 27 21 4199763

Equipment and Capital Costs:  The Homestead need the following equipment and capital items this year.

  • 16 seater Micro Bus to take children to school – Cost R300 000
  • Two Trampolines at R10 000 each
  • 10 tables with benches at R5000 each for dining hall.
  • New computer lab/study area/reading room for our Transitional Centre.
  • Tiling our Dining hall
  • Kitting out our OT room with storage, shelves, toy storage, security, etc

Maintenance and upgrades:    We are very grateful to our donors that have helped us upgrade and improve our facilities over the years.    This year we are looking for assistance with the following maintenance and facility upgrades which could take the form of financial aid or even company teams coming in for a day to do community work.

  • Developing our beautiful garden and soccer field.
  • Painting dormitories and activity rooms twice a year.
  • Finishing off the individual study rooms with computers, desks, chairs, carpets, lights, etc.
  • Making a toy store room.
  • Continuing to build and maintain our CYCC library and computer lab.
  • These include painting of dormitories White PVA paint
  • Vegetable seedlings and seeds for our vegetable garden in Khayelitsha
  • Indigenous plants and trees for our Khayelitsha Garden

Professional Services:  To keep our admin costs down we need donations of time and expertise, or the funding to buy in the following skills:

  • Excel skills to develop our M&E systems
  • Salesforce expertise to develop and manage our donor base
  • Admin skills to load information, summarise information and assist with structuring data.
  • Medical: The Homestead needs doctors, dentists and other health care specialists to donate their skills and time to assist with emergency and difficult cases that are not effectively dealt with by the state, or to refer to state services as well as to advise on the health care of our children.
  • Education Specialist: The Homestead needs to employ an education specialist to help us design and develop our bridging programme for children not yet ready or able to return to school. We envisage that this will cost us R200 00 before we get to a stage where it can be submitted to the education department for formal registration.
  • Work Readiness: We need companies to help provide work experience opportunities to the youth in our Transitional programme in Woodstock.  This could take the form of job shadow during the school holidays, an internship or part time employment over weekends or school holidays.



  • School attendance support: The Homestead has 90 boys in residential care and supports over 300 chronically neglected boys and girls in street children communities of origin.  We need following financial support or good scone hand items for girls and boys aged 6 to 18 years old: school fees, uniforms, shoes, school bags, lunch boxes, school stationary and books.  We also need good condition second hand grey school pants and white school shirts, school shoes and  grey school jerseys
  • Clothing and Toiletries: We need donations of good second hand casual boys and girls clothes, running shoes, jackets, jerseys and caps.   We also need financial support to purchase clothes plus new underwear and socks.  Toiletries we need soap, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, face clothes, toilet paper and female hygiene products for the adolescent girls in our programmes.
  • Dry Groceries: The cost of food across our projects is one of our biggest cost drivers.  We are therefore very grateful to those companies and individuals who continue to support us with dry groceries.   We need donations of : Amasi (2lt), Baked beans, Beans (dry), Beef stock, Bisto, Black Pepper, Masala, BBQ spice, Chicken spice, Cinnamon sticks, Cocoa powder, Coffee (Ricoffy), Cool drink Oros,  Custard Powder, sunflower oil, Imana, Jam, Jelly, Lentils, Macaroni, Mayonnaise. Mealiemeal, long life milk, Oats, Peanut Butter (not with sunflower oil in), Rice, Salt, Samp, Spaghetti, Sugar, Tea, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, White bread flour, Tin tomato & onion, Tomato sauce, Chutney, Yeast
  • Points Reward System: The following items are needed for our Points Reward System which is very effective in motivating and stabilising children and where the children earn points for attending school, being home on time, doing their homework and chores, changing bad behaviour and contributing to the community.   Children work hard to earn their points which can then be exchanged for a reward, for instance an item or a special treat or outing.   For this we need donations of: Old cell phones, tablets, laptops in working order; Clothes vouches for places like Ackermans, Pep stores, Picknpay; Treats such as sweets, toys, music CD’s, children’s books, nice backpacks; or even vouches for outings to a fast food restaurant, a trip up the mountain or a movie night.  Ideas also welcome.
  • Sport and Recreation: The boys at our transitional centre are at an age where they follow individual sport interests.  Some boys love body building while other love sailing, boxing, hiking, soccer, skateboarding, etc.  All have different club , gym and coaching fees; equipment needs such as soccer balls, skateboard, bicycles, soccer boots, and hiking and we also need board games, cards, chess, dominoes, drawing equipment, as well as musical instruments such as guitars for internal recreation activities.